Best low carb diet for fast weight loss


Everybody knows that best weight loss secret is get low carb in their diet plan. However, there are many people that still in miss guide when they translate “low carb” for weight loss.  Most of them cut off their carb portion and make them starve that make the weight loss seeing hard. There are many diets that consider low carb, but how you know that the right low carb is right for you? Therefore, here are the secrets of the best low carb diet for fast weight loss. The guide is general rule, so you can use it in many diest type you consider, whether it is diet Atkins, COD, and many others.

The foods kinds that you eat in your diet are depend to several things, such as the healthy level, the exercise, and the weight that you want to lose. The basic food that you need to eat includes meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, eggs, product of high dairy fats, healthy oils and non-gluten grains. Never and avoid sugar, wheat, trans fat, low fat products and processed foods. For sugar source, avoid soft drinks, juices fruits, candy, ice cream, and others contained with sugar. The gluten grains include wheat, barley, breads and pastas.

Then, what foods that you need to eat based on the category beyond? For meat category, it includes beef, chicken and lamb, pork. For fish, wild caught fish is the best sources come into salmon, trout, tuna, haddock, halibut and others. For fruits and vegetables you can consider spinach, carrots, cauliflower, apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries and others. Almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds are best source for nuts and seeds. Cheese, yogurt, heavy cream and butter is the source for high fat dairy products. Choose coconut oil, lard, olive oil, cod fish liver oil and butter for your fats and oils source.


Health benefits of a low carb high saturated fat diet for diabetes


When you have diabetes mellitus, then what you need to do is managing blood glucose level, blood fats and blood pressure as best as possible. Food and eating recommendation is important because this is the best way for control diabetes mellitus to keep healthy and stay active. The amount, type and frequency from carbohydrate source is important factors in diabetes mellitus diet management. In order to diabetes mellitus, very low carb diet is not recommended for diabetes mellitus people. They need to eat balance amount of carbohydrate in moderate amounts that maintain energy level without rises the blood glucose level.

Saturated fats are needed in pour body for role important biologic roles. The saturated fats become the integral part from cell membranes where it is 50% considered as saturated fats. There are many health benefits of a low carb high saturated fat diet. The research found that saturated fats achieve best performance for weight loss program. The term of low carbohydrate high fat means that the diet is use variety fats for replace the carbohydrate foods. Fats is rich of energy and therefore it difficult to control weight so it need to be limited to take. Please take a look at for more nutritional advice

Same with high saturated diet, low carb diet is adding benefit for weight loss program. In low carb diet, it enables for lose excess weight without restrict calories consciously. The low carb diet will lower blood glucose in people with diabetic because it increases the sensitivity of insulin. Foods that contain high saturated foods include biscuits, cakes, pizza, butter, coconut and palm oil, commercial burger, fired foods, and crisps. The balanced diet from this menu also improve the prevention from the cardiovascular risk disease that common alert into diabetes mellitus patient. The healthy benefit from this diet can prevent the complications and development of type 2 diabetes.

How to avoid wrinkle naturally without surgery


How to avoid wrinkle and look younger from your real age? There are many women and men that believe aging skin become a part of inevitable as we get older. But now with technology we can make our skin look younger. Wrinkles happen in dermis where collagen made up. As collagen produce less as we aging, our skin get wrinkle and saggy. There are several factors that causes wrinkle, such as sun damage, smoking, pollution and toxins, facial expressions such as laughing, natural aging, poor nutrition and dehydration.

The first thing that you can do for preventing wrinkle is wearing sunscreen when you go to outdoor activity. It is important for avoiding the sun light directly. Sun it the first number reason for wrinkle as sun exposure is more wrinkle causes from others. Wearing sunscreen will protecting skin cancer risk, and prevent wrinkle. Considering good habit such as get adequate sleep and do not smoke is the important action to do. Cigarette has effect in aging skin because it release the enzyme that able to broke that collagen and elastin that important for skin component to stay healthy. Adequate sleep is important because when your body is not getting enough sleep, your body produces cortisol hormone that breaks downs skin cells.

Here are several ways that you can do. Eat more antioxidants foods that will carry and prevent free radical into our skins. Vitamin A, C and E and betacarotene is antioxidant that can prevent the wrinkle. Eat fruits nand vegetables such as walnuts, blueberries, beans, kiwi, prunes, kale and many more. Use non-toxic moisturizer for your skin treatment. There are coconuts oils that will moisture your skin and reduce ages spots, cellulite and wrinkle. Eat more saturated fats and use non toxic sunscreen for protect your skin from sun damage.